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Nike Terra pack

Nike Terra pack

25. 11. 2019 2 min. reading

Nike has released a new collection of football shoes named the Terra Pack featuring Mercurial and PhantomVNM shoes.

Nike continues in its trend, divides its four silos and forms alternative groups. The latest edition of the Terra Pack collection only proves this, with Mercurial and PhantomVNM shoes dressed in sandy colours.

The Terra Pack collection presents an unusual way of combining three styles, such as Mercurial Vapor 13, Superfly 7, and Phantom Venom shoes. Here, for the first time, the venomous Phantom weapon doesn’t come in a collection together with its creative sister, Vision. And it seems this is the path the Swoosh is going to take – to search for new trends and then combine them in attractive packages.

This latest package of football shoes has put on a sandy desert colour completed by mystic purple. And this beautiful shade refers to the inner power of each individual and their natural abilities, as if to boost our senses, intuition, and balance. On the Mercurial football shoes, the purple shade draws everybody’s attention thanks to the pulsating green colour as well. You’d say that a combination reminding of the colour of our skin and the torn shorts of the Incredible Hulk would never work, but actually it brings a unique perspective to the Mercurial iconic line.

PhantomVNM features the characteristic desert design as well. However, the sharp green is much more modest on it, as it’s only applied to the planet logo on the heel. When turned at various angles, the outsole just like the Swoosh on the outer side form an iridescent effect of green, blue, and purple.

On the pitch, the Terra Pack only confirms its untraditional character, as it will appear only on the feet of selected stars, such as Harry Kane and Eden Hazard. With the lights of the Champions League turning on, this is an ideal opportunity to introduce this collection of the Earth in an illustrious way. And since the new Nike Terra Pack collection is now available at Top4Football, you can already start writing a letter to Santa!

Jakub Jonáš - Top4Football.