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Evolution of Skechers Football Boots

Evolution of Skechers Football Boots

8. 7. 2024 3 min. reading

One year is a pretty short time to change the football boots market. But Skechers is doing just that. Check out with us Skechers' first year in the game!

The Bold Entry: Skechers Steps Into Football

Skechers celebrates their first year in world of football boots with a brand new Evolution pack. Let’s go over the whole year and find out how they surpassed expectations, stunned the football community, won over many players, and redefined excellence on the field.

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Shaking Up the Scene: Q3 2023


Skechers shocked everyone with a mysterious black-out boot. Then, without warning, they launched the 'Prime Pack,' their first official boot. These weren''t just any boots; they made a bold statement. Harry Kane's endorsement proved these boots could be a footballer''s best ally.

Building on Success: Q4 2023


Skechers didn''t stop there. They followed up with the 'Trench Pack,' inspired by the classic black boots known for symbolizing hard work and determination.

Skechers Trench Pack

Icy Precision: Q1 2024

Diamond ice

At the start of 2024, Skechers unveiled the 'Diamond Ice' collection. This wasn''t just a new color; it represented preciousness and calmness under pressure. The cool blue tones embodied a composed mentality on the pitch, perfect for high-pressure situations.

Skechers Diamond Ice Pack

Prioritizing Comfort: Q2 2024


Skechers definitely focused on comfort with the 'Laser-Comfort' Pack. The brand has always been known for an unrivalled comfort with their shoes, so bringing an amazing comfort to their football boot lines only made sense. This release ensured players felt great while looking sharp.

Skechers Laser Comfort Pack

A Year of Innovation: Q3 2024


Celebrating a year since their market disruption, Skechers shifted focus to creating a movement. The new season brings an expanded collection called 'Evolution Pack', including kids' versions, enhancing the brand''s reach and commercial prospects. This is about more than just boots; it is about building a legacy.

Skechers Evolution Pack


At the same time, Skechers also released its 'Evergreen Pack'. The same advanced technology as the Evolution Pack, but in the traditional black colour way.

Skechers Evergreen Pack

Star Signings

Skechers, since its start in the football market, has signed top players like Harry Kane, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Anthony Elanga, Bobby Reid, Shania Hayles, Ria Bose and Anouk Denton. These athletes, known for their skill, resilience, and excellence, brought credibility and visibility to the brand. Additionally, more players are set to be announced soon! Stay tuned!

Comfort Above All

A key feature of Skechers' football boots is their commitment to comfort. With players spending hours on their feet, a comfortable boot is crucial. Skechers integrated advanced technology and ergonomic designs to boost performance while minimizing fatigue and risks of injury.

What's in store for Skechers?

In just a year, Skechers has transformed from a newcomer to a major player in the football boot market. Their innovative designs, strategic endorsements, and dedication to comfort have set them apart. As they continue to innovate, Skechers is clearly here to stay. Whether you''re a pro or a weekend player, keep an eye on Skechers—they''re just getting started.

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