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Nike Thibaut Courtois

Brick wall between the sticks

The goalkeeper is a unique position on the football pitch. They start off attacks of their teams, destroy opponents' counters, collect crosses, protect their goal and coordinate the entire play. However, they are also the players with the heaviest burden on their shoulders as any single mistake can be deadly. That's why confidence and preparedness are key for goalkeepers.

The goalkeeper's equipment plays a huge part in that. Especially goalkeeping gloves can make the difference between world-class performance and disappointment. Your belief in your own abilities will shoot up to the stars with gloves of the right cut and size, suddenly you'll be able to keep hold of shots that other keepers would be happy to deflect. And the uniqueness is also in the clothes keepers wear. Whether in training or in a match, the right goalkeeping clothes will protect you from unnecessary bruises and will add to your swag between the three sticks.

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