How to apply a discount code

How to apply a discount code

1. 3. 2024 1 min. reading

Apply your discount code and shop with reduced prices today.

You have a discount code for our online store, but don't know how to apply it? Then you've come to the right place. We prepared for you an easy guide:

1. Create a new profile on our web page. If you already have an account, then simply login in the top right corner.

2. Click on the icon on the top right to open your user account.

3. Open the "My discount codes" section.

4. In the upper part of the screen you'll get an option to insert a new discount code. Copy or rewrite your discount code into the empty field and click on "Add discount".

5. In the bottom part of the screen you can find a list of your discount codes. Your new discount code will be displayed here as well. Check if it is active. If not, then simply activate it by clicking on the switch on the right next to the discount name.

And you're done. When browsing our store, you will now see products, that the discount can be applied to, with updated discounted prices.

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