Returned products

The deadline for returning of goods bought in December 2019 has been extended until January 31, 2020

In the overview of your orders click on return and fill out the account number or write the account number on the document you received in the package. Please send the products together with the document and number the return to Prague. We’ll confirm acceptance via email. We have 14 days to return the money, but we always try to send it as quickly as possible.


Address for returns:

Mailstep hall D2 - Top4Sport
Do Certous 2760/10
193 00 Prague 9
Czech Republic


The easiest and fastest way is to return the products and place a new order. By placing a new order, you book the products and receive them faster.

Our tip: When returning the products, do not damage the box or stick or write anything on it. Do not tear the labels off. If the products are not returned in the original package, or the package is damaged, we have a right to demand that you cover the costs related to putting the products back to the original conditions.


In the overview of your orders you can directly make a claim. You can also fill out our form and send the products together with a copy of the invoice and number of the claim to Brno. We have 30 days to process the claim or fix the defect, but we always try to handle it faster.

Address for claims:

Lazaretní 11a
615 00 Brno

Our tip: If the products are defective, don’t run in them and send them back immediately! 

For more detailed information on claims, returns and replacements please see our Terms and Conditions.