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Pavel Nedvěd: Ronaldo’s style is closer to me than Messi’s

An honoured guest from Juventus Turin gave us an exclusive interview.

That day was just perfect. At the Karlín Square, Prague, right next to the church, two small fenced-in playgrounds were built and talented young boys played their games there at unique Touch the Speed tournament. One of the most famous players in the Czech history was watching. And even the weather was amazing.

“I’m loving it. Just perfect,” Pavel Nedvěd, winner of the Golden Ball in 2003 and one of the adidas faces, said with a smile.

At the beginning of September, Pavel flew over from Turin where he became a famous midfielder and now continues as a vice-president. He signed dozens of cards and photos, posed for even more photos, and still found time to have a little chat with Top4Football.

Pavel, what do you like about an event like this?

I like the message. It shows that someone worked hard to provide young boys with an opportunity to move, compete, and get out of the house.

And that’s enough?

For me it is. At least for starters. Back in our times, we would spend all day long outside; these days, parents have to prepare a thorough and varied program to make their kids look up from the screens. And that’s why I didn’t really hesitate when adidas called and asked me to fly over. I appreciate such an idea.

There are no events like this in Italy?

In the centre of a city? Right at the square? I don’t think so. In Italy, only organizing it would be so demanding that a hundred bodyguards would have to be hired. In Italy, football is a kind of religion. Even more now, with Cristiano Ronaldo playing in Italy.

How has it changed the Italian league?

The arrival of Ronaldo lifted the entire Serie A to a completely new level and Juventus is proud to have signed such an awesome player.

How did you manage it?

I guess we chose the right time. We didn’t have to persuade him; he wanted to join Juventus, he chose us.

Well, this may not be exactly tactful but could you tell us who’s a better player: Ronaldo or Messi?

It wouldn’t be tactical for me to say Messi (smiling). However, I’ve been saying the same thing for years now: Ronaldo’s style is closer to me, so I’m excited to have him in our team.

Pavel Nedvěd at the "Touch the speed" tournament

Touch the speed tournament

Pavel Nedvěd´s kickoff