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Nowadays, there aren't many players who never set their foot on artificial grass. Teams use this surface, especially in winter five-a-side games are played on it throughout the whole year and some Champions League matches have been played on it too. Not everybody knows however, that there are football boots made specifically for artificial grass.

AG = football boots for artificial grass

The AG abbreviation stands for 'artificial ground,' so it is pretty clear that these boots are meant for playing on it. We explain why you should not use regular FG (firm-ground) football boots on artificial grass a little further in the article. Now let's focus on what are the AG cleats about. Football boots for artificial grass have, in comparison to the classic FG boots a more durable sole, a bigger amount of (hollow) studs, which have a rounder shape. They are specially designed to overcome the challenges of an artificial surface and to provide the best possible grip and support. The difference between an AG and FG football boots can be recognized at firts sight:

AG vs FG

Why should you not play in FG boots on artifical grass?

The answer to this question is rather easy - they are not built for it. Firstly there's an increased risk of injury and it is not covered by the warranty. See, artificial grass generates much more heat than natural grass. And as the soles and plugs of FG boots can not withstand these temperatures in the long-term, they won't last as long or even might get damaged pretty quickly, especially in spring and summer. Artificial grass also provides a better grip. So much, that the higher and harder studs of FG boots can bite and lock into the plastic grass blades and the rubber granulates, so well, that your ligaments might not be able to take it when changing direction sharply. And you don't want that for sure.

Turf shoes can be used on AG as well, pretty comfortably, but their sole is designed primarily for grounds with a much lower profile. And thus they will never provide you with as good of a grip and support as the AG boots. One can learn that best on a wet or a bit frozen artificial grass.

Artificial grass football boots for kids

Right footing is very important for any athlete, children included. While FG boots are not suitable for artificial grounds, AG boots can be used on the natural grass. We offer a wide variety of AG boots for kids as well as some universal/hybrid boots, which combine the best of the two and are suitable for playing on all kinds of grass. From a parent's point of view, if your young talent switches between artificial and natural grass often, these might be, price considered, the best solution.

In conclusion...

If you play on artificial grass regularly and want to perform to the best of your ability there, investing into AG football boots is basically a necessity. They provide you with the best support, grip and safety on this modern surface, ensuring you have the best game experience. And that's what it's all about. Love the game!