Cheap vs Expensive - adidas X Speedportal

Just like we did last week with Nike Mercurial Vapor 15, we continue with comparing the different tiers of adidas’ flagship football boots, X Speedportal.
This time we are mainly focusing on the laced version of the model.

X Speedportal .1

Starting off with the top tier version, it is packed with new materials and technology. It has SPEEDSKIN 2.0, a textile based material, that is very thin and has a superb touch on the ball. The Primeknit fabric at the lacing area is super soft and wraps around your foot.

The heel area is surprisingly pretty chunky, that’s mostly for the fact that it is packed with plenty of cushioning that will provide you with heel support and fill out the empty spaces that most football boots don’t, causing a nice snug fit.

SPEEDPLATE 2.0 features a new stud layout and most importantly, the carbitex plate that is incorporated in the sole. The studs make the traction better than ever and the carbitex cause the soleplate to have a nice spring-back when running.
Weighing at 199 grams, it is slightly lighter than the old adidas Speedflow .1.

This Rick and Morty inspired boot is a great speed boot, that will definitely satisfy many attackers and midfielders playing at the top level.

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X Speedportal .2

Moving on to the second most expensive boot, the upper is surprisingly nice and soft. Described by adidas as engineered upper mash, it is thin and plyable, not as much as the top version, but it’s still satisfying enough for us.

SPEEDPLATE 2.0 is making its appearance here as well, however it doesn’t have the carbitex plate as the top tier, even though there is a carbon pattern that makes you think that there is one. On the pitch it translates into not your boots not being as flexible and a bit stiff at the mid foot area.
With 256 grams, it is much heavier than the .1 version.

Adidas X Speedportal .2 is a good pair of football boots that is not maybe as great as its more expensive equivalent but should satisfy anyone playing in the lower football divisions.


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X Speedportal .3

Moving on to the last pair of boots, the .3 tier is featuring coated textile material on the upper, which is somewhat copying the previous options but the dropdown in quality is quite significant. On the inside, we find a nylon-like material, typical for cheaper versions.

SPEEDPLATE 2.0 is also here, in a sense of the same stud pattern, but the carbon plate is obviously missing.

adidas X Speedportal .3 are good entry-level boots that are best suited for recreational players and kids.

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Did we help you choose? As always, it is mostly up to the player when it comes down, not your shoewear. With that being said, a good pair of boots could definitely make you more comfortable on the pitch and enhance your performance.

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