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Best football commercials at Top4Football

Who doesn’t love them? Motivational, thrilling, breath-taking and entertaining. That’s how they are – the best football commercials and you can now watch them all at one place! We’ve decided to collect the best clips ever made. You can find them all at our YouTube playlist and now finally, let us introduce the first 5 from our list, enjoy!

Nike – Ronaldinho Crossbar

Clip that made history. First video in history to hit 1 million views on YouTube. Legendary ad with the star man Ronaldinho is a thing of pure beauty that every footballer has to know. Juggle the ball, produce some worldie tricks and hit the crossbar four times in a row without the ball touching the ground? Apparently not a problem for the Brazilian magician. There’s just one question left… real or fake?

Manchester United on a Plane

The Red Devils’ line-up back in 2010 was simply astonishing. With the squad including Edwin van der Sar, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes or Patrice Evra, there’s no surprise that the commercial of Turkish Airlines became an instant hit. When you love football then it doesn’t really matter if you’re on pitch or on a plane, right?

Nike – Winner Stays On

Winner stays on. Iconic Nike ad will introduce you a whole number of the best world class players who will leave everything on the pitch to win this tough game. Or is it just a bunch of boys playing at the closest Sunday league pitch? Do not imitate your hero, become him!

Pepsi – World Cup 2010

In 2010, the Republic of South Africa hosted a world cup which was not just a celebration of football but also a celebration of the entire African continent. Sticking to this spirit, Pepsi produced an action-packed ad featuring some real football heavy weights. Messi, Henry, Lampard, Kaká, Drogba and other stars battle for a bottle of Pepsi against African children. But the home advantage is just unbeatable this time. Africa simply loves football.

Nike – Write the Future

Play the game of your life and you’ll become a superstar. The whole nation will celebrate you, they’ll build you a statue, name a stadium after you and your face will be all over the newspaper covers. But what if not? Cooking beans in a caravan with Wayne Rooney is not too bad, is it? Leave the fear behind and write your own future! Unforgettable commercial from Nike ranks at the very top in our list, do you agree?

Those were the first 5 legendary commercials that we have prepared for you.

Do you know any better ones? Share your all-time favourite ads in the comments. We’ll pick the best and add them to our playlist. Looking forward to your ideas!

Mikoláš Bartoš – Top4Football.